Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Water & Art

Loved this one. She's very thorough, not missing any cracks or holes in the grout/caulk, to ensure that no matter how hard we try to clean it--her art will endure.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Cambria has recently become very interested in photography and sets up scenes then solicits mom and dad to take a picture. She then checks if it's satisfactory, sometimes changing something and requiring a re-take, sometimes pleased with the results. This was one she directed and liked.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Attempt to Impress

Since dealing with Cambria's passion for "coloring" (she hates crayons) since she could use a marker (which has only been about six months), I have wondered if she will turn out to be an introverted, heady, aloof artist. If this is the case, will she feel stereotypically misunderstood? Will she end up alone and missing a body part from some fit of passion?

I was concerned, until Cindy introduced me to Granteeny's blog. As a true Texan's wife should, I am now determined to convince the world, but mostly Grant, of Cambria's brilliance so that when she turns 19 he'll be back from a mission and she'll be on the top of his list.

Now, I know her pieces are not quite as developed and mature as Grant's are, but she barely turned two, so give her a little slack.

I hope you know I'm joking. Well, at least 90% joking.

(mixed media--notice the glitter dot)

(this is my personal favorite)

(there is a little "poke tree" in this one)

She has a Cy Twombly, too!