Monday, February 19, 2007


Cambria's cousins visited us this weekend from So.Cal. Cambria wanted to share her drawing table for some collaborative creativity. Maggie, who is 4, drew this picture of her mom - "It's mommy's dimples." Cambria's work didn't seem to be much affected by the objective influence.

Cambria's first piece. Sometimes I want to stop her at different points in the process because I get worried that she will overwork the piece and make it muddy, but she is very decisive about when it is done or not. This was not complete until she balanced the green with the purple.

A study in minimalism.

This was actually her first peice of the day.

After cousins left, she finally gave in to her little sister, Maya's protests of being left out. This was Maya's first time with a Marker. She was doing stellar until her age got the best of her and she ate off the tip of the marker.

The vibrant color was not good enough for just one sensory experience.

Her first piece. It continued onto the table-- an instillation of sorts-- but we only captured the paper work.

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