Monday, May 14, 2007

New Movement - Post Ingestionism

Maya has entered the art scene. She is innovative. She is creative. She is hungry.

This new movement is full of the kind of irony and self mockery that screams for media attention. Her love of art-turn-theatrics is of the essence of the age. I think Maya Cook represents the exploratory nature and frustration that that resonates in all one year olds.

She starts presumably conservative: marker in hand, sweeping repetitive strokes across the paper. Soon, the theatric begin. Maya is not content for the observer to assume that this is the apogee of one-year-old expression. Her marks begin making statements of freedom on the table, then chair, then on her clothes. The observer is sucked into her intense exposition and can't help but feel her supressed desire to be understood. But, this is not enough for Maya. To sear the point into the observer's understanding she thrusts the marker into her mouth and rips off the tip and eats her very mode of expression. The observer is left with an unmistakable realization of her inability to communicate her true feelings. She hopes will result in a heightened awareness and sensitivity to the one-year-old psyche, more sugar, and no naps.

Her new show opened day before mothers day and although the opening was not well attended (only her mother and sister showed up), I think the movement is gaining recognition as her pieces have been flown across the states and were well received in New Mexico and Texas at a Mother's Day celebration.


Dane, Emily, Eden, & ? said...

Wow! I can almost taste the intensity! (Thank goodness for non-toxic washable markers, huh?!)


Joe said...

I just have to say that I am on board with post ingestionism, if only to be able to proclaim myself a post-ingestionist.